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Casualty of War

My local comic book shop (aka the only one in the whole city) recently got a new home much closer to my Uni campus which is nice for them (their old shop was destroyed in an earthquake) but seriously bad for my wallet because previously I just got sent my pull list in the mail but now I go there and browse the back-issues for hours. Seriously though I love back-issues. Even more so now that they're the only way to get my comic-Clois fix :(

And speaking of Clois, I come bearing scans of Adventures of Superman #631 which is the issue in which Lois gets shot while reporting on a war in the Middle East. I was lucky enough to get all three issues involving the actual shooting itself (her search to find out exactly who shot her is in another arc). I'll put the next two up soon but for now, enjoy:

Lois is in some fictional middle eastern country embedded with some soldiers and writing back to Clark who's involved in a hostage situation at STAR labs with a villain called Ruin.

The soldiers Lois is with get shot at by a sniper and the team that comes to rescue them does too. While Lois and Beau are hiding, one of the soldiers coughs and Lois realises he's still alive.

Clark and the S.C.U rescue the hostages at STAR labs and catch the villains to take back to the station.


Oct. 5th, 2011 09:11 pm (UTC)
Ouch, yikes, wow. Whoa. I just found a couple of the comics from the Death of Superman arc so I'll do what I can to scan those in and post them over the next couple of weeks